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About Will Trickett Boats

 - See Will Trickett on Channel Four's Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home - 

Will Trickett has recently appeared in Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, a new prime time series on Channel 4 television in which the Grand Designs presenter builds and equips a luxurious off-grid cabin in the Somerset woods. Onscreen, Will takes the role of Kevin’s right man, supervising a wide range of unique and ambitious builds across the four episodes which include everything from a wood burning stove made from a 1950s jewellery safe, to a bio-digesting toilet which provides all the fuel for the building. Many of these items were filmed onsite at Will Trickett Boats.

In addition to appearing alongside Kevin, Will also served as the behind-scenes consultant engineer throughout the six month project, providing technical advice and liaising with Kevin and the programme’s producers on how to turn their ideas into functioning items. Will designed and built many of the bespoke installations himself with the help of his team. These unusual engineering demands included constructing a 4000°C thermic lance to cut through concrete and steel, fabricating an adapted chassis strong enough to make an 8 tonne green oak building “portable” and converting the aluminium air intake from a Boeing 737 jet engine into a retro styled hot tub, complete with a specially-constructed boiler capable of heating a tonne and a half of water in ninety minutes. Pay attention and you might even see Will helping to shear an alpaca.

Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home is currently available at 4 on demand. 

Click to view Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

When you’re making TV and you call people up with a crazy, ambitious, maybe dangerous idea a lot of people laugh at you and say it can’t be done. Will Trickett still laughs at you then tells you it can be done and exactly how you need to go about it. 

Polly Billam - Assistant Producer Man Made Home.



On the route of the historic Kennet and Avon Canal Will Trickett Boats Ltd are creating the most exciting and innovative canal, river and sea going craft available to the market today. In over a decade of building Dutch barges, Will Trickett Boats Ltd has grown to be one of the countries most respected canal and riverboat builders. 

Every aspect of the boat’s construction, from the welding of the hull to the interiors is produced at our yard in Wiltshire by local craftsmen.

Specialising in building steel kit boats, we have long established relationships with highly respected Dutch Barge designers Nick Branson and Andrew Wolstenholm. (This ensures you can be confident  with the standard of build.)

Will Trickett Boats can offer customers a vessel any size and to any level of completion, from hull construction through to finished project. 

All our finished boats are truly unique. We take pride in offering a design and build service that is second to none.   Many members of the team at Will Trickett Boats have long established connections to the waterways, and therefore there is a wide range of valuable insight and innovation in the design and use of our boats.

The latest barge created by Will Trickett Boats “Jour de Fete” has recently won the prestigious “Best New Build Barge” 2009, as voted by member of the Dutch Barge Association (DBA Award Winner).